History of Department

The Department of Pathology with the sectional course dates back to the founding of the institute in 1957, and the department of forensic medicine - to 1959. In 1978 the departments united into one training partition.

The first members of the department of pathological anatomy were: Head of the Department and Dean Mykola Valchuk and Boris Dubchak, who were directed from Odessa Medical Institute and. Also at the same time Dziz Ivan took part in the organization of the department, who had previously worked as an assistant at Lviv Medical University.

Assoc.-prof. M.Y. Val'chuk

Head of the Department 1957-1959 yy.

The next period of department’s development is related with Professor Anysym Khazanov. He has contributed much to the formation and establishment of scientific school for studying morphogenesis and pathogenesis of chronic lung disease and prosection service in the region.

prof. A.T. Khazanov

Head of the Department 1959-1974 yy

From 1974 till 1985 the department was headed by Associate Professor of Pathology Boris Dubchak. He continued to implement in practice the ideas of Professor Khazanov: morphometric studies of sectional material, and introduced into the learning process new technologies: linear, branched and constructive methods of monitoring students' knowledge.

Assoc.-prof. B.I. Dubchak

Head of the Department 1974-1985 yy.

In 1985, Associate Professor of Pathology Dubchak started to work as a dissector at pathoanatomical bureau and the department was headed by Professor Anatoly Zavalniuk, who compiled forensic diagnostic features of agricultural injuries.

prof. A.Kh. Zavalnyuk

Head of the Department 1985-1990 yy.

In 1990 through the competition Professor Yuri Vikalyuk was elected as the head of the department. At that time the Department was improving the traditional methods of teaching students, and the main direction of scientific research was to find morphological characteristics of lymphodinamic disorders.

prof. Yu.F. Vikalyuk

Head of the Department 1990-1993 yy.

The Department of Forensic Medicine from 1959 to 1961was headed by its organizer - Associate Professor Steshyts. In 1978 association with the Department of Pathology occured and Associate Professor Anatoly Mukhanov became the head of the united department. He developed the diagnostic classification of piercing and blunt objects and summed them to monothematic atlas of forensic medicine.

Assoc.-prof. A.I. Mukhanov

Head of the Department 1961-1978 yy.

Since 1994 the department is headed by a graduated student of Ternopil Medical Institute - prof. Yaroslav Bodnar.

prof. Yaroslav Bodnar

Head of the Department from 1994 year

The main educational and scientific achievements of the department for the 50th anniversary are:

A pathoanatomical and forensic museum which comprises about 2000 macropreparations, exposure is used in the learning process that helps students to apperceive the program material, as well as in educational work among schoolchildren.

Museum of department

A bank of micropreparations of pathological anatomy and forensic medicine is used not only in workshops as illustrations, but also by young assistants and students to improve their skills of histopathological diagnosis.

The morphology of chronic lung disease pulmonary heart was studied and three monographs in this theme are published.

The pathogenesis of lymphogenous sclerosis of liver and lungs was developed (PhD thesis).

Developed and implemented into practice the morphometric methods of diagnosing heart diseases (PhD thesis).

The pathology of the major infectious diseases was studied (published monograph).

Forensic classification of thorny i blunt objects, automotive and railway injuries, their diagnostic features were developed (themed atlas was published).

Expert criteria of fatal agricultural injuries were developed.

Endocrine function of the heart was scientificaly proved (PhD thesis).


The Department of Pathology with the sectional course and forensic medicine is a part of educational and scientific institute of morphology.

Institute of Morphology I. Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University

Thanks to the University administration a complete renovation of premises and equipment was made.

Interior of Department's Macromuseum

Interior of the study room

Classes are bright, equipped with multimedia technology and plasma TVs, providing analysis and demonstration of micropreparations for all audiences.

Workplace of teacher

Teachers’ workplace is equipped with computer and video system, which makes it possible to transfer images from the microscope to the plasma TV.