The educational museum of forensic medicine began to take shape from the first day of the foundation of our university, at the time of the institute. The immediate founders were Associate Professor B. Dubchak and Assistant S. Abramov, who made the first hundreds of macropreparations. Equipment for the exhibition of museum preparations according to the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine came from the Odessa Medical Institute.

Macropreparations Museum of the course of forensic medicine

Associate professor V.Steshits in 1958, having received an invitation to work at the Ternopil Medical Institute, made a lot of efforts to develop the department of forensic medicine. It was under him and the direct participation of the assistant S. Abramov began to fill with new exhibits educational forensic museum, which today has about 1000 different exhibits from all sections of forensic medicine and is one of the richest in the exhibition specialized medical museums in Ukraine. Thanks to the artistic abilities of the assistants S. Abramov and I. Yukhimtsya, a small forensic museum, which has no analogues in any higher medical institution of Ukraine, was created. In it, along with the expositions of the scene of the incident, stands are displayed with original samples of various traumatic objects, weapons and firearms. Such an exposition of the museum for educational purposes gives students the opportunity to better understand the diagnostic signs of the action of sharp and blunt objects according to the classification of associate professors. A. Mukhanova and the crime scene description algorithm.

Assoc.-prof. Svitlana Trach Rosolovska teaches classes in the Museum of Forensic Medicine at the reproduction scene of a criminal event (2015)

Assoc.-prof. Valentyn Franchuk with students in the Museum of Forensic Medicine (2015)